What They’re Saying

“Being surrounded by people 24/7 who truly love God has showed me that God is love and that living for Him is the best choice I ever made.”

–Amber Dobbins, Brazil ’12
“It is hard to put into words how God changed my life. Never have I seen the Spirit of God fall like I did on this trip!”

-Nick Spindler, Ecuador ‘06
“Praying for God to change lives and then seeing that change happen showed me that I cannot place any limits on God. It was awesome!”

-Eric Whitfield, Peru ‘10
“This is a life-changing experience. I highly recommend it for older Christians who need a new touch from God.”

-Keith Shostak, Panama ‘08
“This trip really raised my expectation of what God could do through me. When I stepped out in faith, He met me there. I saw God do things I had never seen before!”

-Erica Leek, Peru ‘11
“We were passionate about telling people about Jesus, and passionate about having fun! It was the adventure of a lifetime!”

-Faith Park, Panama ‘09
“Going on this trip was the best decision ever! The ministry, spiritual environment, and fun drew me closer to God. I was pushed to grow spiritually like never before!”

-Andy Kubinski, Ecuador ‘07
“I saw amazing things happen as we ministered to people, but the most amazing things that happened, happened to me. This trip cannot be described or explained, it has to be experienced. It is a journey that makes a mark on your life forever.”

-April Harris, Poland ‘96
“I was challenged to try things I never thought were possible. I saw God move in incredible ways. I truly experienced God’s life-changing power like never before!”

-Josh Beck, Ecuador ‘07
“The people I met and grew with spiritually will have a deep impact on my life, forever. I saw God’s Love pour out through prayer and worship, the drama and in so many other ways. The encouragement and guidance gained from this trip really are blessings that must be experienced personally!”

–Jay Robinson, Brazil ’12
“It was a life-changing experience. Everyone should go on at least one mission trip!”

-Tiffany Jacobs, Brazil ‘99