The Kingdom

“The Kingdom” will take you back to the enchanting time of kings, sorcerers and knights. It is the story about the people of the Kingdom who give their key to the kingdom to the Evil Sorcerer. The Prince must become a peasant and give his life for the people and take back the key. Through dance, costumes, and humor your team will captivate and minister to your audience. This 18 minute allegory will bring to life the greatness of God’s love for us and His plan for our salvation.

Tens of Thousands of people have been ministered to through the drama “The Kingdom.” This production is effective in a variety of environments. It can be performed on stages, in parks and on the streets here in America or in a foreign land. It has been translated into many languages and has been performed in America, Panama, Peru, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and other countries. The entertainment value is high, and the message is clearly communicated and understood by people of all ages. It is the perfect tool for evangelism on the mission field.

The Kingdom - Rope PullYou will be amazed at the impact this evangelistic drama will have on the audience as well as your own team. You can bring this production for your own team to use as a dramatic ministry tool. “The Kingdom” was created to be performed by amateurs or professionals and with groups of 13 to 28 people. We will send an experienced trainer to teach your group the drama as well as give ideas for using this powerful ministry tool.

“The Kingdom” is mime, dance, drama and humor performed to a narrated soundtrack, which can be translated into the language of the country you will be ministering in. It requires approximately 20 hrs. of training time over a two day period. The cost is $700 for the license, materials and trainer, plus the trainer’s travel, housing and meals. For more information or to schedule your group to learn “The Kingdom,” contact us today.